Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

My Birthday is the day after Halloween and so I guess that is why I enjoy Halloween so much. I am not sure what I will be this hollween but I will try to have fun with the children who come by.
Our grandson is all ready having fun dressing up and I mean "Dressing Up" I guess he is James Bond. sam loves to put on his tie and coat any time he can. the Glasses really make the outfit.

Fall Is Here

It seems Fall has arrived in Georgia. We woke this morning to temperatures in the 30's. All I can say is Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I do not like winter as I stay cold most of the time. I guess I will go to my studio and stay for a few months. But 1st Thanksgiving is coming up on us soon. What will be the menu this year?? Turkey, dressing, mac&cheese I guess. We are all enjoying Auburn football this fall and going to the games is a lot of fun. The tailgate party is always nice to visit with family & other Auburn fans. This week end Auburn is playing Arkansas and this is going to be a hard game. I will stay home and watch in our Auburn TV room.

Finishing class

The finishing class I took at Seminar was very good and I did finish some of the cookies. I have some to go but I think I can get busy now an finishing them. the class was great and all the ladies in the class so nice to get to know. We learned how to finish many type of things such as stand ups, pillows, ornaments, scissor bag, & etc.

ANG Siminar

This is Pam & I visiting after each of us moving from Texas. I enjoyed a week at the ANG Seminar in Columbus, Ohio. I also ran into friends I had not seen in a few years as well as making new friends. The color class I made the color board for was a great class. Orna Willis was very nice and opened my eyes to color. I would love more time with her.

Magi Boxes

The last of September I loaded our car with 103 Magi Boxes along with my sewing machine and 2 suitcases plus all my stitching supplies. We delivered the 103 shoe boxes which had been packed with all kinds of things for children. Each box had been packed for a boy or girl and the age the gifter choose to make it for. This is such a fun project to do for children who have never heard of Christmas or of Jesus. I just love this project for children. The last time my Grandchildren came to visit they each brought gifts to pack in shoe boxes.