Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Another Finished

I got this scrappy quilt finished today! I guess the rain helped me get moving on some of these UFOs. I am happy to have this done as I am not sure I like it but I can say it looks a lot better trimmed & finished. The first picture is the back and it is scrappy as well. I was not going to buy more fabric for this one. The painters are here today and working on Dunk's red office right now. I am afraid to go look. These painters are not as fast as our last one we had painting. This may really take a while-days.
Now to finish one more of my Quilt UFOs Yeah! get them out of the stuido and on to display all finished.

Trade card

Anna and I are making trading cards and mailing them to each other. (I am waiting on Anna's) I just mail her a 4th of July card but the camera was handy so decided to post these.


Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Paint for My Home

I am so confused. I can choose color for needlework, quilts, drapes and clothes but I can not decide on paint for my home!! What is the world is wrong with me?? I have made a choose for the living room - gray. Dunk has chosen his red for his study, Now I need to choose for the keeping room and my brain is blank. I do not want to do my kitchen but I am thinking when I get all the other painted I will be sorry. Oh well. later I guess. I think getting out my threads and fabric may help me. I will lay some out and see what makes me happy.
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What a Day

The yard got mowed today and if no rain comes soon there will be no more mowing this summer. The price of water is so high that we just do not want to trun the sprinklers on. I did get some "monkey" grass planted around the walk way in the back yard. But that turned into a big job! As i dug the holes for the grass I ran into gravel left from the consturction of the house. It is not a small amount either. The wagon go so heavy I had to get Dunk to roll it to the woods to empty. He did not go far with it either. ha! I got a table spray painted for the porch also. Hope it will look ok. I called an decorator today and priced for 1 visit to help with paint color. $100 for 1 visit. I think I will take my chances with my color choice.


I gave the 2 items I had finished a few weeks ago to the girls I had made them for. My Daughter Patricia received her pillow and she seems pleased with it in her bedroom. Michelle got her quilt this week while I was in Auburn keeping my grandson. She seemed to like it as well. I hope she will remember me through the years by cuddling up with her quilt.

Late Birthday

This pillow was made with cottons and wools. The background was fabric I bought in Italy and I cut the lined fabric in squares and place then with the stripes going to the center. The stem and flowers are applique with cotton fabric and the leaves are all felted wools. This was a fun project but came out quite large. I made it for Patricia's birthday gift.

Quilting Day

Today was the day we go to the Quilt Shop and share our finished work. I made this quilt with some sharm packs I have had for a while. The back is differnt styly and can be used. This quilt is going to a girl who I have know since her first hour in the world. She graduated from Auburn University this spring. I will give it to her next week when I visit Sam in Auburn.

Summer is Here

The heat has entered Georgia. I have been busy with my garden. I will post some pictures now. I do have a problem with my day lilies wish someone could help me with identifying the problem. Dunk had his 50th high school reunion last week end and we enjoyed seeing old friends. We took Sam to a the Tillis museum to see all the wonderful rock plus dig for some rocks for himself.

What a day!

Today started off great when my husband invited me out for breakfast. I went to gym which was good for me. Then home to work on my I Pod! It was not sending mail and no one could seem to fix it. I ended up on the phone and working with it for over 3 hours! This just did me in for the day. I did get in a little garden work but now I am really tired.

1st blog

Well this is something I have wanted to do for years. I really do not know what possessed me to do it tonight but here I am... I should be putting the binding on a quilt but watching college softball game instead. I love all kinds of needle work. I quilt but not a hand quilter. My quilts are originals by Julia.. I will share pictures soon. I enjoy working with wool (hand dyed and felted mixing with cottons). I guess my 1st love is needlepoint. I belong to EGA and ANG but am not an active member as there is not a group close to where I live, Newnan, GA.