Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...


I have been stitching these cookies for a year and just could not get them finished nicely. I took them to a finishing class in Ohio and now I am so pleased. I still have a few to go but I am getting there now. I had a friend come by for a visit and she asked me why I had cookies on my chest in the foyer. I was so pleased she thought they were real. ;-)
My Birthday is the day after Halloween and so I guess that is why I enjoy Halloween so much. I am not sure what I will be this hollween but I will try to have fun with the children who come by.
Our grandson is all ready having fun dressing up and I mean "Dressing Up" I guess he is James Bond. sam loves to put on his tie and coat any time he can. the Glasses really make the outfit.

Fall Is Here

It seems Fall has arrived in Georgia. We woke this morning to temperatures in the 30's. All I can say is Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I do not like winter as I stay cold most of the time. I guess I will go to my studio and stay for a few months. But 1st Thanksgiving is coming up on us soon. What will be the menu this year?? Turkey, dressing, mac&cheese I guess. We are all enjoying Auburn football this fall and going to the games is a lot of fun. The tailgate party is always nice to visit with family & other Auburn fans. This week end Auburn is playing Arkansas and this is going to be a hard game. I will stay home and watch in our Auburn TV room.

Finishing class

The finishing class I took at Seminar was very good and I did finish some of the cookies. I have some to go but I think I can get busy now an finishing them. the class was great and all the ladies in the class so nice to get to know. We learned how to finish many type of things such as stand ups, pillows, ornaments, scissor bag, & etc.

ANG Siminar

This is Pam & I visiting after each of us moving from Texas. I enjoyed a week at the ANG Seminar in Columbus, Ohio. I also ran into friends I had not seen in a few years as well as making new friends. The color class I made the color board for was a great class. Orna Willis was very nice and opened my eyes to color. I would love more time with her.

Magi Boxes

The last of September I loaded our car with 103 Magi Boxes along with my sewing machine and 2 suitcases plus all my stitching supplies. We delivered the 103 shoe boxes which had been packed with all kinds of things for children. Each box had been packed for a boy or girl and the age the gifter choose to make it for. This is such a fun project to do for children who have never heard of Christmas or of Jesus. I just love this project for children. The last time my Grandchildren came to visit they each brought gifts to pack in shoe boxes.

Trading Card with Stitchin Fingers

This is the trading card I made for a cyber group. the challenge was to make a card with fabric and fibers using a famous artist work. I chose Monet and his piece called "The ARTIST'S GARDEN at GIVERNY". this was a enjoyable work to do. Now it is ready to be mailed to the UK far away. Can not wait to see what I may receive.


I hope to be back posting more often now. I just got lazy for a while. I have so many jobs to get done that I had to take some time to get them under control. This month is flying by too fast for me. It is about time to go to ANG seminar and I have home work to get done plus a lot of stuff to line up to carry with me.I think I have my color board all ready see what you think. I was to collect all kinds of things to relate in color with this picture the teacher sent me. Here is the picture That she sent me. I am pleased with it and ready to take it to Ohio. Now if I could get all the threads I need lined up. The overdye tread is the main color and I can not find what I like. Now to get all my things lined up for the finishing class I have..

Here is the new baby

I have already written about this new machine I have but had no picture. This thing is a big one and I hope to learn to use it soon. It is suppose to do many things for me but I have yet to learn it any of it. Life keeps getting in the way for me to get time to study the Manuel and learn. I need a class and soon.

Week end coming

My family are coming this week end I am excited about seeing them. I will be cooking a little before so not much stitching the rest of the week. I do not like to stand in the kitchen while they are here, I try to have all foods planned ahead. I have the taco meat ready (grand kids love that). Now I need to get cookies made and a Birthday cake or brownies for Anna's 14 Birthday. We will celebrate that day on Sunday when Taylor and Savannah get here.Besides Birthday for Anna and Ben it is the start of College Football season. This is a great fun time for our family. We all love College Football being there and staying home watching it. Wow! the cheering will start Thursday in our TV room. Fun times. I have lost my camera some where here in the house. I will find it soon and post what I have purched lately. I am needing to take time to learn to use it.. Lots of $$ spent on this one. You will see soon. OH! I mentioned the favor I would not have to do Well I was so wrong. The ladies even tell me to prepare for 200 but I am only preparing for 100 and then will make more if needed. My friend Wanda is going to help me with this project. Boy! did I misunderstand all that mess!!

Busy Day

I thought I would be home tonight and relax a while before bed time. Today I did some cleaning at our church building. Then on way to recycle somethings I ran over a screw driver WOW a flat tire! took a while to get it changed and the day was about over. Church on Wed. night is always nice. Then tonight I get an e mail from the instructor of a class I am taking in Oct. asking me where my papers were she had sent for me to fill out. boy was I embarrassed!! then off to the computer and my stitching stash I went. I have a lot of work to do to get ready for these 2 classes. Plus finish these 2 quilts I have hanging over me right now. Happy the ladies at church decided on a different favor and I am not involved. What a blessed day!

Need for a FulltimeTec Aid

I have been having so much trouble with all my Technical things I have. * My Ipod will not down load my audio books I have bought. * Can not hook up with e mail when in hotel. I just can not figure out what I am doing wrong. * The printer will not print the project I have scanned. I need this for my class I am taking at ANG Seminar. * I want to have my computer to be connected to the other computer here in the house and this does not work. I have done all I know to do and still nothing. * I tried to make this computer the default for I Tunes and no luck * We had to buy a new GPS, as the last one I could not get to work correctly. This one is not getting set up easy.. Got a TOM-TOM...ha ha As I write this I am just about in tears. I want to use all these fun things and it just will not work for me. I have always dreamed of a full time gardener but now I guess my dreams will change to a full time Tec. Where do I start to look for this employee?

Hot Day In Georgia

This is the fabrics I bought on our trip to Nebraska. What will I do with them? Who knows but they will look nice in my collection. they were lost in our luggage for a few days, I was very concerned that I would not see them again. Came to our door at 11:30 P M Monday Sunday night. What I am working on right now! A baby quilt for a boy whose room is blue & brown. I am using the soft/fuzzy fabric in the white part of half square. Went to our Church Book Club tonight and was amazed at how much discussion came out of this book. "The Cubicle Next Door" I was not impressed with the book but understand it has won some honors in the Christian book world. It is fun to be with ladies of all ages and from all walks of life. Next Month Book is "Time Lottery" by nancy Moser.

Back Home from Nebraska

I am back to my home and bed! But this did not happen easy. The plane in Dallas was stopped before take off and then that flight was canceled. We did get back but it was 1:AM when we did land, then no luggage could be found with our name on it. After sleeping in Saturday morning, watering plants, working on a new project I think I am back to normal. The trip to Lincoln, Nebraska was a nice trip. This is a nice part of our country! The corn grows tall, soybeans grow think! It is so nice to see some farmers are still trying to farm. I found lots of Quilt shops to spend $$ and get some new ideas. Enjoyed seeing the University of Nebraska, I was surprised at its size. Went to The International Quilt Museum and had a nice day. This Museum is only 2 years old, full paid for, lots of volunteers work, with 3000 quilts plus computer slides of all 3000. They do a full room show then put those quilts away for 10 years before they are shown again. The show I got to see was Asian these pieces were from 5 different tribes in India. I have never see so much hand stitching on a quilt, some of stitching made pictures. The Quilts were not very old just different, no batting but used old clothes in layers. Could not make pictures of course. I really like Gee's Bend quilts and there was 1 tribe who made very similar quilts-interesting! Pictures, 1st, the front of the Museum, 2nd is the art work out front and looks like a mess of thread, and 3rd is inside the mess of thread I found chairs.

ANG class work

I have been waiting for some information about the class i signed up for at this years ANG seminar. Well I GOT IT first the class on finishing some of my stitched projects. I am excited to get some pointer about this type of work. I do most of my finishing but with out any help of any kind. So i do not feel so good about it most of the time. I am taking a 1 day class on color from Orna Willis. I got a packet of instructions for this class! Wow is this going to be a challenge for me. She sent a picture/both sides of a laminated paper that I am to choose the picture of my choice. One side is no color in gray/beige the other is fuchsia (not my color) this will give me a real challenge. Now I am to collect as many items I can of the colors I see in this picture and bring to class. I go in my studio and I collect stuff all the time for art stuff and still find nothing in these colors. I then am to go to my thread stash and pull all the colors of this picture and I truly find nothing-well 1 "watercolor" that might work even in my DMC there is not a thing. ha! You can see the fabrics I have pulled from my stash and only one of them seem to really fit in this color family plus 1 green that I had. What fun I will have with this project. I am going off to some quilt stores and needlework shops to see what I might see. I think I will learn a lot in this 1 day class along with the home work.


THIS PICTURE IS ALL THE GRANDCHILDREN We received letters from camp today. Our Granddaughters are all at Church Camp this week. Carolina Bible Camp in North Carolina and they are having a "fabulous" time. Anna and Taylor have decorated their room with Christmas lights and pink and yellow streamers and sparkling tinsel with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. "IT IS SUPER CUTE" they tell me. Can not wait to see pictures. Savannah and her friends are putting on plays and entertaining everyone. I love to hear all the stories they have after camp. I do love these girls!

Stitching day

I have been trying to get my home work done for ANG Seminar coming up soon. It is going slow because life gets in the way. Such as cooking fresh vegetable that are so good in the summer. Well I tried to add these pictures here but I just have not learned how to get it to go where I want it yet. My class at seminar is finishing my needlepoint things into nice show pieces. I am doing these stocking for the class seems the teacher wants us all to finish one thing all together. She sent us this pattern to make these stocking. The things I want to finish are these 2 pictures and some cookies I have stitched. The cookies are small and tedious hopefully I can learn a good way to get them finished and be attractive as well. Well it happened again. Pictures do not go where I want them..

Hot in Georgia

The sun is beaming down on us here in Newnan this week. I am trying to keep the air conditioning at a reasonable level but it is hard with the temp outside in the high 90's. I went to our quilt group that meets each Tuesday at the Sharpsburg Community Center. A great group of ladies from all walks of life. They are each very talented in quilting with many different projects going. A lot of them are hand quilters which I am not. I do admire them for the Patience it takes to hand quilt. I am getting ready to go to Nebraska to visit the Quilt Museum there at the University of Nebraska. I am excited to see this exhibit. I enjoy quilting but I am far from an expert at it. I do appreciate great quilting though and love seeing the many types of quilts new and old. I saw a book today that I want to have to follow the insturctions of sewing circles. The title is Circle A Round by Cheryl Philps. this must mean I must go shopping.

Boy Weekend

We had a fun weekend with our 3 Grandson's. They came in saying where is the food and we ate all weekend. ha! I served fresh vegetables and no one complained. I did have Taco's which Sam enjoys each time he comes. The weather was so hot it was hard to stay outdoors like they enjoy. We did go swimming, drive the golf cart around, go in the woods (get ticks) and play wii! Sam finished sewing his 1st quilt this trip. He painted a picture at school this past year 1st grade. Then Jennifer put it on fabric and Sam wanted it in a quilt. Sam chose all the fabric and arranged the fabrics like he wanted them. I think he did a very nice job. We are proud of it!

Pictures from our Europe Tour

I have the pictures down loaded finally. The pictures really turned out good. Taylor, granddaughter, made many more than me and I know she has some really good shots. I keep trying to think what I liked most and I guess I have to say Paris, as I had not been there plus it was a surprise. The city is huge with more old building then I could of imagined. The Eiffel Tower was huge and with the twinkling lights at night so pretty. We were in London, Paris, Lucien, Vince, & Rome. It was a fast paced trip but very enjoyable.


I am home from a good trip over Europe! Husband, granddaughter Taylor & I flew to London did some sightseeing and attended theater show "Oliver" after going to Charles Dickens home. WoW! what a wonderful production, the stage was so amazing and the actors were the best! then we rode the "EYE" and Taylor loved this! Nannie here was holding on since it goes up so high but I enjoyed it was amazing as well. Then we joined a tour group-made lots of new friends- went to Paris and got to see the Eiffel Tower in night and morning. This was a very large structure! The lights at night was the best! moved on to Lucerne Switzerland and then to Italy, Florence, Venice, and Rome! I have not downloaded my pictures yet but will soon and post some for memories we made. Now it is time to rest a couple of days and enjoy my Grandson's this weekend.

Happy Birthday USA

July 4th has come and gone with flags flying. I am very proud to be living in the USA and to have the freedom that we still have. I can say I am very concerned that the freedoms we enjoy are becoming fewer all the time. Our grandchildren are not going to enjoy as much as we have through the years. I am so thankful that the men and women who first came to this country were so wise and strong to develop the freedom they did. Dunk, Taylor and I are getting ready to take our trip we have planned for a year. We are going to miss our Anna going with us. Anna was the one most excited about this trip. She will have to start planning the next one and we will be off and going as soon as she gets all well. We pray this is soon! I have more stitching to do now to get ready for my class I am taking at ANG seminar. Always something to do around here. I am happy with my painting we had done here in the house.


Last night the deer ate all my daylilies.. I think the blooms/buds are like candy to them. My husband has been treating my plants this year with his potion but we had a little rain yesterday and the potion was gone - the Deeer were here! I guess I can say I am Thankful for the few weeks I did get to enjoy the blooms. I see in Southern Living this month an article "not tonight deer" what a catchy name. ;-) So I am not the only one who has a problem with the Deer. I saw a neighbor down the street has set up their sprinkler system to come on if it detecs a deer around. That could get expensive as water cost here!


I received my packet from the teacher (Patricia Mazu) of the class I am taking at ANG seminar this year. Now to get started with my homework. I was not awear I was to have home work. I am taking a class on finishing some of my needlework in to ornaments or other type things. I think I am going to try to finish more of my cookies I have stitched. I really need help with them. But 1st I will stitch these stocking she wants me to have ready to finish in class. They look like they will be fun and I will use fibers I have here in my stash.

Another Finished

I got this scrappy quilt finished today! I guess the rain helped me get moving on some of these UFOs. I am happy to have this done as I am not sure I like it but I can say it looks a lot better trimmed & finished. The first picture is the back and it is scrappy as well. I was not going to buy more fabric for this one. The painters are here today and working on Dunk's red office right now. I am afraid to go look. These painters are not as fast as our last one we had painting. This may really take a while-days.
Now to finish one more of my Quilt UFOs Yeah! get them out of the stuido and on to display all finished.

Trade card

Anna and I are making trading cards and mailing them to each other. (I am waiting on Anna's) I just mail her a 4th of July card but the camera was handy so decided to post these.


Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Paint for My Home

I am so confused. I can choose color for needlework, quilts, drapes and clothes but I can not decide on paint for my home!! What is the world is wrong with me?? I have made a choose for the living room - gray. Dunk has chosen his red for his study, Now I need to choose for the keeping room and my brain is blank. I do not want to do my kitchen but I am thinking when I get all the other painted I will be sorry. Oh well. later I guess. I think getting out my threads and fabric may help me. I will lay some out and see what makes me happy.
Add picture

What a Day

The yard got mowed today and if no rain comes soon there will be no more mowing this summer. The price of water is so high that we just do not want to trun the sprinklers on. I did get some "monkey" grass planted around the walk way in the back yard. But that turned into a big job! As i dug the holes for the grass I ran into gravel left from the consturction of the house. It is not a small amount either. The wagon go so heavy I had to get Dunk to roll it to the woods to empty. He did not go far with it either. ha! I got a table spray painted for the porch also. Hope it will look ok. I called an decorator today and priced for 1 visit to help with paint color. $100 for 1 visit. I think I will take my chances with my color choice.


I gave the 2 items I had finished a few weeks ago to the girls I had made them for. My Daughter Patricia received her pillow and she seems pleased with it in her bedroom. Michelle got her quilt this week while I was in Auburn keeping my grandson. She seemed to like it as well. I hope she will remember me through the years by cuddling up with her quilt.

Late Birthday

This pillow was made with cottons and wools. The background was fabric I bought in Italy and I cut the lined fabric in squares and place then with the stripes going to the center. The stem and flowers are applique with cotton fabric and the leaves are all felted wools. This was a fun project but came out quite large. I made it for Patricia's birthday gift.

Quilting Day

Today was the day we go to the Quilt Shop and share our finished work. I made this quilt with some sharm packs I have had for a while. The back is differnt styly and can be used. This quilt is going to a girl who I have know since her first hour in the world. She graduated from Auburn University this spring. I will give it to her next week when I visit Sam in Auburn.

Summer is Here

The heat has entered Georgia. I have been busy with my garden. I will post some pictures now. I do have a problem with my day lilies wish someone could help me with identifying the problem. Dunk had his 50th high school reunion last week end and we enjoyed seeing old friends. We took Sam to a the Tillis museum to see all the wonderful rock plus dig for some rocks for himself.

What a day!

Today started off great when my husband invited me out for breakfast. I went to gym which was good for me. Then home to work on my I Pod! It was not sending mail and no one could seem to fix it. I ended up on the phone and working with it for over 3 hours! This just did me in for the day. I did get in a little garden work but now I am really tired.

1st blog

Well this is something I have wanted to do for years. I really do not know what possessed me to do it tonight but here I am... I should be putting the binding on a quilt but watching college softball game instead. I love all kinds of needle work. I quilt but not a hand quilter. My quilts are originals by Julia.. I will share pictures soon. I enjoy working with wool (hand dyed and felted mixing with cottons). I guess my 1st love is needlepoint. I belong to EGA and ANG but am not an active member as there is not a group close to where I live, Newnan, GA.