Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...


I have had the most wonderful trip to Sisters, Oregon for the "Sisters Quilt Show". I guess you are like me you have read about it and looked at pictures of it and said "I would like to attend this". Well that is what I said to my husband and before the evening was gone I had plane tickets and a room in Bend, OR. We were going! We flew into Portland and drove over a mountain that had rain forest and desert looks which took us right into Sisters. this is a very small town of less then 2000 residents. There were 3 streets of town and nice wide streets as most of the west is laid out. We stopped and got some paper work telling us what we could do on Friday, the quilt show is on Saturday only.
Friday we did the sightseeing thing plus walked Sisters going in shops to see quilts that were already hanging in their shops. We rode through neighbors and saw quilts hanging on porches.
Saturday we woke early (that was easy it is 3 hour different time zone) and drove into Sisters expecting lots of traffic and delay but there was none. So we got to see the firemen hanging quilts on the side of the building the one quilt shop there which started this show 32 years ago.
Dunk and I went to the coffee company and got a cup of coffee to warm us up, 38 degrees this morning. Then the people started appearing all around. The quilts kept going up and it was a beautiful site. There were quilts on all the buildings, down 3 large streets, down the cross roads, in between buildings, on grass spots and under some tents. They told there were 1500 quilts to be seen, my husband says we saw them all maybe 2 times. I did not want to miss any thing!!

There was the most beautiful blue sky and snow top mountains all around with quilts hanging in the wind. What in the world could of been more beautiful

The quilt here of horses was the most amazing of all. this artist did this all in fabric and you could feel the moving of the horses. this was just a piece of art to just look at in AHHHHHHH.