Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...


THIS PICTURE IS ALL THE GRANDCHILDREN We received letters from camp today. Our Granddaughters are all at Church Camp this week. Carolina Bible Camp in North Carolina and they are having a "fabulous" time. Anna and Taylor have decorated their room with Christmas lights and pink and yellow streamers and sparkling tinsel with paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. "IT IS SUPER CUTE" they tell me. Can not wait to see pictures. Savannah and her friends are putting on plays and entertaining everyone. I love to hear all the stories they have after camp. I do love these girls!

Stitching day

I have been trying to get my home work done for ANG Seminar coming up soon. It is going slow because life gets in the way. Such as cooking fresh vegetable that are so good in the summer. Well I tried to add these pictures here but I just have not learned how to get it to go where I want it yet. My class at seminar is finishing my needlepoint things into nice show pieces. I am doing these stocking for the class seems the teacher wants us all to finish one thing all together. She sent us this pattern to make these stocking. The things I want to finish are these 2 pictures and some cookies I have stitched. The cookies are small and tedious hopefully I can learn a good way to get them finished and be attractive as well. Well it happened again. Pictures do not go where I want them..

Hot in Georgia

The sun is beaming down on us here in Newnan this week. I am trying to keep the air conditioning at a reasonable level but it is hard with the temp outside in the high 90's. I went to our quilt group that meets each Tuesday at the Sharpsburg Community Center. A great group of ladies from all walks of life. They are each very talented in quilting with many different projects going. A lot of them are hand quilters which I am not. I do admire them for the Patience it takes to hand quilt. I am getting ready to go to Nebraska to visit the Quilt Museum there at the University of Nebraska. I am excited to see this exhibit. I enjoy quilting but I am far from an expert at it. I do appreciate great quilting though and love seeing the many types of quilts new and old. I saw a book today that I want to have to follow the insturctions of sewing circles. The title is Circle A Round by Cheryl Philps. this must mean I must go shopping.

Boy Weekend

We had a fun weekend with our 3 Grandson's. They came in saying where is the food and we ate all weekend. ha! I served fresh vegetables and no one complained. I did have Taco's which Sam enjoys each time he comes. The weather was so hot it was hard to stay outdoors like they enjoy. We did go swimming, drive the golf cart around, go in the woods (get ticks) and play wii! Sam finished sewing his 1st quilt this trip. He painted a picture at school this past year 1st grade. Then Jennifer put it on fabric and Sam wanted it in a quilt. Sam chose all the fabric and arranged the fabrics like he wanted them. I think he did a very nice job. We are proud of it!

Pictures from our Europe Tour

I have the pictures down loaded finally. The pictures really turned out good. Taylor, granddaughter, made many more than me and I know she has some really good shots. I keep trying to think what I liked most and I guess I have to say Paris, as I had not been there plus it was a surprise. The city is huge with more old building then I could of imagined. The Eiffel Tower was huge and with the twinkling lights at night so pretty. We were in London, Paris, Lucien, Vince, & Rome. It was a fast paced trip but very enjoyable.


I am home from a good trip over Europe! Husband, granddaughter Taylor & I flew to London did some sightseeing and attended theater show "Oliver" after going to Charles Dickens home. WoW! what a wonderful production, the stage was so amazing and the actors were the best! then we rode the "EYE" and Taylor loved this! Nannie here was holding on since it goes up so high but I enjoyed it was amazing as well. Then we joined a tour group-made lots of new friends- went to Paris and got to see the Eiffel Tower in night and morning. This was a very large structure! The lights at night was the best! moved on to Lucerne Switzerland and then to Italy, Florence, Venice, and Rome! I have not downloaded my pictures yet but will soon and post some for memories we made. Now it is time to rest a couple of days and enjoy my Grandson's this weekend.

Happy Birthday USA

July 4th has come and gone with flags flying. I am very proud to be living in the USA and to have the freedom that we still have. I can say I am very concerned that the freedoms we enjoy are becoming fewer all the time. Our grandchildren are not going to enjoy as much as we have through the years. I am so thankful that the men and women who first came to this country were so wise and strong to develop the freedom they did. Dunk, Taylor and I are getting ready to take our trip we have planned for a year. We are going to miss our Anna going with us. Anna was the one most excited about this trip. She will have to start planning the next one and we will be off and going as soon as she gets all well. We pray this is soon! I have more stitching to do now to get ready for my class I am taking at ANG seminar. Always something to do around here. I am happy with my painting we had done here in the house.


Last night the deer ate all my daylilies.. I think the blooms/buds are like candy to them. My husband has been treating my plants this year with his potion but we had a little rain yesterday and the potion was gone - the Deeer were here! I guess I can say I am Thankful for the few weeks I did get to enjoy the blooms. I see in Southern Living this month an article "not tonight deer" what a catchy name. ;-) So I am not the only one who has a problem with the Deer. I saw a neighbor down the street has set up their sprinkler system to come on if it detecs a deer around. That could get expensive as water cost here!


I received my packet from the teacher (Patricia Mazu) of the class I am taking at ANG seminar this year. Now to get started with my homework. I was not awear I was to have home work. I am taking a class on finishing some of my needlework in to ornaments or other type things. I think I am going to try to finish more of my cookies I have stitched. I really need help with them. But 1st I will stitch these stocking she wants me to have ready to finish in class. They look like they will be fun and I will use fibers I have here in my stash.