Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Will It ever be Finished

I have been working on the piece for a long long time. I changed come thread to the designer dismay and I like it! This matte going around the focal Calla Lilly is taking for ever. The silk threads are lovely to work with I am worried I will not have enough of the white so being very careful.
I have this flower in my yard blooming now and enjoy their beauty every year. I should make a picture of the live Callia Lilly as well. Will do tomorrow!

Quilt for young girl

A friend of Mona's stopped by our house for a visit and saw some of my quilting going on. She told of a little girl who had cancer in her leg and the bones were breaking easy. She wanted to give her a quilt. All I need is a reason to create another quilt. I learned she has "ladybugs" on her web site so I found some red fabric with ladybugs on it and made this the theam of the quilt. This quilt is create as you go quilt.
The big thing was using this bernina sewing machine to quilt it. This is not the best quilting job really it is a bad quilting job
but I am trying to learn. I am so jerky with my freehand motion. I hope to get better.

good day

I cannot count my day complete 'Til needle, thread and fabric meet. ~Author Unknown