Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Daughter moves to Texas

Our Daughter calls telling us she will be moving to Austin Texas. We move back to the Southeast to be near our family and now they move to Texas. I am sure they will enjoy their time there just as Dunk and I did. We are happy for them to have the experence of being involved with University of Texas Football. I am sure it will fun and exciting. I will miss just knowing I can not drive to see them when ever I want. But Patricia tells me that is why I have moved close to the Atlanta airport!! I guess it is.:-)


I have been studying this stocking for 5 years. I can not say working on it because I really have to study painted canvas to decide on thread and stitch. I work on it and put it away as it seems to just wear me out. This past fall I told myself it is time to "just do" it and i did. I am well pleased. I have not given it to him and his parents yet I guess I want to see it hanging here for a while. It is 10 months till time to use it any way. Sam likes this dark but bright blue color I hope he will always like it. ha!

More on our Retreat

My 2 Teenage Granddaughters came for our Retreat at Nannie's house. That means no one else can be here. But Yee Haw was around some so we had him go to get food for us as we did not have time to cook!! We made so many things and had so much fun from Friday till Monday morning. We even went to Waffle house for breakfast the last morning. It was all great but Anna got to feel bad the last morning so it ended kind of on a bad note. Here are a few things we made. We had a pattern for these small boxes and they were fun to make. Then with the left over fabric we made book marks and luggage tags. They brought their scrap books and made some pages for them. Then we found directions to a journal made from a file folder. Then we really had fun. We got into their parents old school papers and used it to make these books. We laughed and had fun makeing these.

I am Back

Life has been busy for me this year 2011. That is a good thing for me as I do enjoy being active. The new year came fast. Then we go to the National Chapionship Colleg football game Phonix, AZ. Auburn University won the game and made this trip even better. We had a wonderful time on this trip.