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God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Holiday's at the Hale House

Christmas came and went The New Year 2011 is here. We had a wonderful time with all our family. There was so much fun going on. We had gift giving off and on for days, games played, kick ballgames, new Wii games, and lots of eating! Then we traveled to Patricia's for Christmas day and enjoyed seeing the girls enjoy thier Santa gifts. Snow came on Christms day afternoon with much beauty. This was a 1st for us Southerns. Then later in the week we traveled to my sister's for a day and got to visit and exchange giftw with them. What will the new year bring for our family this year? I pray it will be a good year with peace, love, and family. The January calendar is getting full and each thing I am looking forward to. Auburn Tigers Football game, Retreat week end with granddaughters. It just can not get much better.

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