Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Mission Dresses

This is called a pillowcase dress. The old fashion idea of this type of dress was take an old pillowcase and make it into a dress for a child. I am sewing the width of the fabric and then hem it and make the dress as if a pillowcase. I am making some dresses for the mission work that "Healing Hands" works with. I have lots of lace and reck rack and had fun putting trim on them. I have 17 made so far but my goal is 20 and I have a lot more fabric in my stash waiting to be made into dresses for the darling girls who wait! :-)


  1. just popped over from stitchin fingers and become a follower but you do not seem to be very active here at the moment, maybe this will get you blogging again.

  2. i am excited to see you were able to post. For some reason my blog changed looks and will not let me post. I have tried all i know to do to get it working. I have wanted to delete it but not any luck there either.