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Paint for My Home

I am so confused. I can choose color for needlework, quilts, drapes and clothes but I can not decide on paint for my home!! What is the world is wrong with me?? I have made a choose for the living room - gray. Dunk has chosen his red for his study, Now I need to choose for the keeping room and my brain is blank. I do not want to do my kitchen but I am thinking when I get all the other painted I will be sorry. Oh well. later I guess. I think getting out my threads and fabric may help me. I will lay some out and see what makes me happy.
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  1. Your color selections have always worked out so nice, I am sure this one will too!

  2. I like the colors!!! I can't wait to see them on the walls.

  3. Just letting you know that Matt really liked your paint!!