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God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Another Finished

I got this scrappy quilt finished today! I guess the rain helped me get moving on some of these UFOs. I am happy to have this done as I am not sure I like it but I can say it looks a lot better trimmed & finished. The first picture is the back and it is scrappy as well. I was not going to buy more fabric for this one. The painters are here today and working on Dunk's red office right now. I am afraid to go look. These painters are not as fast as our last one we had painting. This may really take a while-days.
Now to finish one more of my Quilt UFOs Yeah! get them out of the stuido and on to display all finished.

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  1. Do NOT look at the red before multiple coats and some drying. It changes a bunch. My bathroom is red - deep red. It looked hot pink at one point. I cried!