Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Stitching day

I have been trying to get my home work done for ANG Seminar coming up soon. It is going slow because life gets in the way. Such as cooking fresh vegetable that are so good in the summer. Well I tried to add these pictures here but I just have not learned how to get it to go where I want it yet. My class at seminar is finishing my needlepoint things into nice show pieces. I am doing these stocking for the class seems the teacher wants us all to finish one thing all together. She sent us this pattern to make these stocking. The things I want to finish are these 2 pictures and some cookies I have stitched. The cookies are small and tedious hopefully I can learn a good way to get them finished and be attractive as well. Well it happened again. Pictures do not go where I want them..

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