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Hot in Georgia

The sun is beaming down on us here in Newnan this week. I am trying to keep the air conditioning at a reasonable level but it is hard with the temp outside in the high 90's. I went to our quilt group that meets each Tuesday at the Sharpsburg Community Center. A great group of ladies from all walks of life. They are each very talented in quilting with many different projects going. A lot of them are hand quilters which I am not. I do admire them for the Patience it takes to hand quilt. I am getting ready to go to Nebraska to visit the Quilt Museum there at the University of Nebraska. I am excited to see this exhibit. I enjoy quilting but I am far from an expert at it. I do appreciate great quilting though and love seeing the many types of quilts new and old. I saw a book today that I want to have to follow the insturctions of sewing circles. The title is Circle A Round by Cheryl Philps. this must mean I must go shopping.

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  1. Having fun in Nebraska? I know we will love hearing about the quilts you see!