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Happy Birthday USA

July 4th has come and gone with flags flying. I am very proud to be living in the USA and to have the freedom that we still have. I can say I am very concerned that the freedoms we enjoy are becoming fewer all the time. Our grandchildren are not going to enjoy as much as we have through the years. I am so thankful that the men and women who first came to this country were so wise and strong to develop the freedom they did. Dunk, Taylor and I are getting ready to take our trip we have planned for a year. We are going to miss our Anna going with us. Anna was the one most excited about this trip. She will have to start planning the next one and we will be off and going as soon as she gets all well. We pray this is soon! I have more stitching to do now to get ready for my class I am taking at ANG seminar. Always something to do around here. I am happy with my painting we had done here in the house.

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  1. Anna read the Leaving Gee's Bend book in 2 days! She told me the story when she was done. What a good book!