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ANG class work

I have been waiting for some information about the class i signed up for at this years ANG seminar. Well I GOT IT first the class on finishing some of my stitched projects. I am excited to get some pointer about this type of work. I do most of my finishing but with out any help of any kind. So i do not feel so good about it most of the time. I am taking a 1 day class on color from Orna Willis. I got a packet of instructions for this class! Wow is this going to be a challenge for me. She sent a picture/both sides of a laminated paper that I am to choose the picture of my choice. One side is no color in gray/beige the other is fuchsia (not my color) this will give me a real challenge. Now I am to collect as many items I can of the colors I see in this picture and bring to class. I go in my studio and I collect stuff all the time for art stuff and still find nothing in these colors. I then am to go to my thread stash and pull all the colors of this picture and I truly find nothing-well 1 "watercolor" that might work even in my DMC there is not a thing. ha! You can see the fabrics I have pulled from my stash and only one of them seem to really fit in this color family plus 1 green that I had. What fun I will have with this project. I am going off to some quilt stores and needlework shops to see what I might see. I think I will learn a lot in this 1 day class along with the home work.

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