Stitching time

God has given us gifts we just need to find what it is...

Week end coming

My family are coming this week end I am excited about seeing them. I will be cooking a little before so not much stitching the rest of the week. I do not like to stand in the kitchen while they are here, I try to have all foods planned ahead. I have the taco meat ready (grand kids love that). Now I need to get cookies made and a Birthday cake or brownies for Anna's 14 Birthday. We will celebrate that day on Sunday when Taylor and Savannah get here.Besides Birthday for Anna and Ben it is the start of College Football season. This is a great fun time for our family. We all love College Football being there and staying home watching it. Wow! the cheering will start Thursday in our TV room. Fun times. I have lost my camera some where here in the house. I will find it soon and post what I have purched lately. I am needing to take time to learn to use it.. Lots of $$ spent on this one. You will see soon. OH! I mentioned the favor I would not have to do Well I was so wrong. The ladies even tell me to prepare for 200 but I am only preparing for 100 and then will make more if needed. My friend Wanda is going to help me with this project. Boy! did I misunderstand all that mess!!

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  1. It was an over the top fantastic weekend!