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Back Home from Nebraska

I am back to my home and bed! But this did not happen easy. The plane in Dallas was stopped before take off and then that flight was canceled. We did get back but it was 1:AM when we did land, then no luggage could be found with our name on it. After sleeping in Saturday morning, watering plants, working on a new project I think I am back to normal. The trip to Lincoln, Nebraska was a nice trip. This is a nice part of our country! The corn grows tall, soybeans grow think! It is so nice to see some farmers are still trying to farm. I found lots of Quilt shops to spend $$ and get some new ideas. Enjoyed seeing the University of Nebraska, I was surprised at its size. Went to The International Quilt Museum and had a nice day. This Museum is only 2 years old, full paid for, lots of volunteers work, with 3000 quilts plus computer slides of all 3000. They do a full room show then put those quilts away for 10 years before they are shown again. The show I got to see was Asian these pieces were from 5 different tribes in India. I have never see so much hand stitching on a quilt, some of stitching made pictures. The Quilts were not very old just different, no batting but used old clothes in layers. Could not make pictures of course. I really like Gee's Bend quilts and there was 1 tribe who made very similar quilts-interesting! Pictures, 1st, the front of the Museum, 2nd is the art work out front and looks like a mess of thread, and 3rd is inside the mess of thread I found chairs.

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