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Need for a FulltimeTec Aid

I have been having so much trouble with all my Technical things I have. * My Ipod will not down load my audio books I have bought. * Can not hook up with e mail when in hotel. I just can not figure out what I am doing wrong. * The printer will not print the project I have scanned. I need this for my class I am taking at ANG Seminar. * I want to have my computer to be connected to the other computer here in the house and this does not work. I have done all I know to do and still nothing. * I tried to make this computer the default for I Tunes and no luck * We had to buy a new GPS, as the last one I could not get to work correctly. This one is not getting set up easy.. Got a TOM-TOM...ha ha As I write this I am just about in tears. I want to use all these fun things and it just will not work for me. I have always dreamed of a full time gardener but now I guess my dreams will change to a full time Tec. Where do I start to look for this employee?

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  1. I wish I could help you on the tech thing. Patricia is getting great at that sort of stuff! I just hold my breath and hope things work, try my best to keep away from viruses. I think I would like to see what a ipad can do, I need a new calendar and want one that links to the computer.